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This game is a sci-fi pixel art platformer when you play as Alvana, a mechanician abroad the Saïgon-6, a scientific ship that loose control over his specimens. The ship gets infected. Helped by Crea-t your trusty utilitary robot, you have to get out before the ship breaks down onto itself.

Install instructions

You just need to unzip the file and play click on the icon.


Alvana.7z 27 MB


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I really enjoyed playing through this :D So far, the game is a lot of fun and I already like the challenge provided by the game (though it could be a little more difficult if you ask me) I'd absolutely love to see a finished version of the game :D

Great prototype! Tight controls, fun mechanics and precise platforming. I had a blast playing it. Has some rough edges, but is an overall solid first attempt. I really adore the art style. I'd love to see more in the future!

Fantastic little sideways shootem. Great colours. Great control and well worth the time if you have a controller.